Ritual Self Care Facials

Calling these sessions facials is my closest approximation to naming them in a way that people will know what I’m referring to. They go far beyond what I learned to do in school 20+ years ago and far beyond the norm of what a facial is. With a focus on the skin of the face I take a whole system approach to working with you.

My facials address all ages, skin types, and conditions ranging from acne to aging, from rosacea to hyper pigmentation. The product lines I use are plant based, sustainable and organically grown; free from petroleum, synthetic fragrance and the myriad of toxic ingredients found in most skin care products. All RSC facials are customized to address your unique needs with products and techniques that best suit your skin + self and work with your goals.

All facials include these elements : 

– Skin Care Consultation
– Warm Herbal Compresses
– Massage
– Compassionate Touch
– Multi-step Cleansing + Exfoliating
– Deep Plant Based Nutrition + Hydration
– Home Care Plan

Other things we might explore together or you might experience as part of your facial :   

– Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
– Manual Lymph Drainage
– Gua Sha
– Present Moment Awareness
– Deep Relaxation
– Foot Soak
– Self Love

Please note that I do not accept gratuities when considering pricing.

RSC Facial  :  $155  :  65 minutes
Includes a skin care consultation, thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation and deep hydration with plant-based masks, hydrosols and herbal compresses, customized to your needs.

Luminous Facial  :  $195  :  90 minutes
The Luminous Facial is the RSC facial with manual lymph drainage for the head and neck added.

Facial Rejuvenation  :  $195  :  90 minutes
This facial focuses on advanced facial massage techniques ~ using Gua Sha boards, stone rollers, stone spoons as well as organic herbal poultices. The poultices are warm and packed with anti-inflammatory plants. The focus is on sculpting and toning, draining waste from the tissue, increasing circulation and nutrients coming to the skin ~ allowing the vibrant health of the skin to shine.

Luxe Facial  :  $225  :  105 minutes
The Luxe Facial extras include manual lymph drainage for the head and neck + high potency professional products from  Laurel Whole Plant Organics : Abundant Harvest. These high potency products are blended and customized during your facial to address any issues you are experiencing. The customized mask blend used in this facial is high in AHAs ( alpha hydroxy acids ), Vitamins C, E & A, hylauronic acid, antioxidants – and more! – all from plants, not synthetic derivatives found in most other skin care products.

Benefits include:
– skin support from the outside in
– strengthens connective tissue
– reduces the appearance of dark spots
– reduces chronic inflammation

Organic Fruit Peel : $75 : 30 minutes
This 30 minute facial is packed with nutrients to tone and brighten the skin. 100% whole plant ingredients deliver beneficial acids (Ascrobic, Fulvic, Ferulic, Ellagic,++) as well as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and vitamins C, E and A, ++. High nutrient content + intelligent exfoliation = repair, protection and healthy aging.

The organic fruit peel can be added to any facial for $20. Just let me know you’d like this add on.

Initial Facial at RSC :  $190  :  90 minutes
This is for first time facial clients. It is the RSC facial with a few extras. It starts with a foot soak and consultation and ends with an in depth plan for home care.

Pediatric Facial  :  $100  :  60 minutes
This is a shorter facial designed to address the unique challenges of youth. The facial is customized for what is showing up for each individual and includes tips for daily care. Time on the table will be between 35 – 45 minutes, depending on the comfort level and needs of the client, with more time allotted before and after for consultation and a home care plan.

Skin Care Consultation  :  $75 or complimentary with a $85 product purchase
Not quite ready for a facial? I also offer skin care consultations. During a consultation I help you come up with a skin care plan based on how your skin is feeling and looking and what you’d like to address. This service is about 30 minutes.

~ Add on ~

Foot soak   :  $12
Foot soaks are a perfect way to start any service at Ritual Self Care. Relax into a warm mineral salt soak infused with rejuvenating essential oils, purifying clays and whole plant ingredients. The foot soaks are done in a beautiful hand pounded copper foot basin.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Inquire about custom sessions or signature packages.

More About My Facials: 

These skin care sessions go far beyond the surface of the skin, allowing your radiant beauty to shine through. Using rhythmic, compassionate touch, your mind is calmed, circulation is supported and the immune system is strengthened by stimulating lymph flow, revealing vibrant, healthy skin and leaving dull, lackluster skin behind.

I have experience working with people during and after cancer treatment. Most chemotherapy and radiation treatments have side effects that change the skin and many times bring about sensitivity, dryness and inflammation. The facials, massages and products I offer are safe, nurturing, protective and calming help for these times. To learn more about my approach to oncology services visit this page. All facials and massages can be customized for people living with cancer.

To learn more about wholistic skin care and my approach check out our blog post here.


All cosmetics are not created equally. At Ritual Self Care we have chosen the cleanest, most nourishing lines that offer not just effective coverage and vibrant colors but health and vitality for the skin. All the cosmetics we carry are plant-based and synthetic-free.

Book a customized makeup service and we will help you determine what products are best for you.

Makeup Consultation :  $60 (Complimentary with a $80 purchase)

In this 20 – 30 minute service I will guide you in selecting products that will enhance your natural beauty and accentuate the lovely features you want to highlight.


I offer facial sugaring as an add on to other services, but not as a service on its own. I do not offer body sugaring and I do not offer sugaring as a service on its own. If you’d like to add facial sugaring to another service get in touch to schedule.

Eyebrow : $35 / $28*

Lip : $30 / $24*

Eyebrow and Lip : $45 / $36*

*The Star Program rewards clients for sticking to a regular schedule by giving clients a 20% discount on the price of the service when they come back in within 3 – 5 weeks for the same sugaring service.

How is sugaring different from waxing?

Sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal that uses a paste of sugar, water and lemon juice. This strip-free method is safe and effective for all skin types, and is applied against the natural direction of growth, so that when the hair is removed it is less likely to break. This ensures more successful hair extraction, fewer broken hairs, and longer-lasting results. It also enables the extraction of shorter, finer hair than is possible with other methods.

  • As effective as waxing, but also conditions skin.
  • Does not damage healthy tissues.
  • Requires much lower temperatures so you will never be burned.
  • Fewer ingredients.
  • Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth, minimizing irritation and inflammation.
  • Promotes healthy cell regeneration, which evens skin tone, softens tissues and reduces impurities and blemishes.