I am now offering a deeper level of support, with Ritual Self Care at the heart.

Are you experiencing a sense of overwhelm with your daily life?
Do you feel like you don’t know where to start making lifestyle changes that support you?
Do you feel stuck in unsatisfying patterns in your life?
Is your stress showing up in your skin?
Do you have trouble relaxing and feeling at home in your body?
Would you like to detoxify your life – products, mindsets, behaviors?
Are you aligned with your purpose?

If any of these questions resonate with you, I think I can help! I offer a unique approach in the beauty world to help you get to the root of what is showing up in your skin and body. You will be guided through a completely customized program for you to fully realize the medicine you hold inside, with practices that help you gain a better understanding of your body and your potential. You set the goal, even if that is getting more clarity with your goal; to help you live a life that supports you.

Coaching is conducted via Zoom. For people that are in the area, we can also include some hands-on work as part of your program.

Get in touch to set up a complimentary 30-minute consultation to find out more. You can email or call 612.280.3000 to reach me, or you can schedule your consultation online.

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation.


“I have been seeing Nissa for treatments since 2016 — in that time I have experienced several (dozens?) of hands-on sessions incorporating the range of her highly skilled and sensitive modalities : massage, facial, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, manual lymph drainage. I experienced tremendous shifts in my awareness and body during that work together and was amazed at how my work with Nissa softly accompanied me on a journey of self discovery and illumination — sessions with her were akin to a gentle flashlight shining towards my inner world, without judgment, with patience, and with the touch of a kind and accounting angel, healing with a mutual grace that emerges through the intention of the practices at play.

“I moved to Los Angeles last year and was very excited at the opportunity to work with Nissa on a six-week program from afar. We began the day before my 37th birthday, two months into LA’s covid-imposed shelter in place had set in, and four days before George Floyd’s murder. I was feeling tense, anxious, and fatigued.

“Based on our weekly check-ins, Nissa offered ‘homework’ (simple, approachable, daily life practices) which noticeably cleared stagnant energy in my body, my patterns, and my relationships. The daily life practices I had slowly begun to incorporate into my routine had become quiet therapies, offering strength, gathering, and a way of ‘starting close in’ — noticing how my body feels and acting from that place rather than the place of reacting to the world and its current friction with time, rhythm, and peace.

“Within the duration of our six sessions, I : quit a toxic habit with morning coffee, confronted challenging themes with my partner, stated my needs in a professional relationship, secured my first art studio, and a second car for our family. All things that would have felt impossible or easily avoided before Nissa did her gentle flashlight magic from afar.

“This program is for anyone who shies away from programs, for anyone who can see and articulate the goal but the obstacles to get there feel too daunting to begin the first step. For anyone who struggles with discomfort around changing patterns, even though those patterns may not even serve any longer. What was under my casual questioning around my coffee habit was an ill and outdated belief system — and with simple deliberation and a swap of a warm morning liquid, the patterns tied to that outdated belief system, too, began to change. I can’t wait to see what continues to emerge with these tools in my kit. And hope Nissa will have me back for another six-week program soon! : )”

~Christina Lyon