Nissa works with people with a history of cancer and in active cancer treatment. She has extensive training and experience adapting her massage session to safely work with each individual, whatever their current health status is. Massage is a therapeutic intervention that has been found to be beneficial for many side effects of cancer and its treatment. Some of these benefits include a decrease in anxiety and pain, reduction of nausea and fatigue and improved sleep.

In December of 2011 Nissa completed her 300-hour oncology massage certification through The Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The objectives of the certification are to provide training, mentoring and practical experience needed to develop a high level of knowledge and hands on skill in order to safely support people with a history of cancer through the use of touch therapies. The training encompasses both Eastern and Western perspectives.

Components of the 300 hour certification included:

  • Comfort oriented massage for people in active treatment, out of treatment as well as palliative care. Adjustments needed to work with people during radiation, chemotherapy and surgery as well as recovering from treatment.
  • Manual Lymph Drainage Certification (MLD) – based on the techniques of Vodder. A comprehensive training covering the risks of lymphedema, how to work with lymphedema in addition to well care for the lymphatic system that enhances lymph formation and promotes drainage in the system.
  • Eastern Medical Perspective – focusing on the organ systems from an Eastern and Western perspective. Utilizing point therapy, reflexology, heated stone therapy and Aryuvedic oils as tools for reducing side effects of treatment and the disease.
  • Mentoring while working within the community – doing massage, research, community service and educating within my community.

Oncology Massage Prices

90 minutes: $155 plus tax