Ritual Self Care

Service + Shopping Hours 

By appointment Tuesday thru Saturday


314 Clifton Avenue
Carriage House
Minneapolis 55403

I have created a cozy, safe and inspired space. It is off the beaten path and fun to find! Give yourself a bit of extra time to find me the first time. There is usually ample parking on the street.

The red brick mansion in front says “314 Clifton Court” and the carriage house is a separate building behind the main house. Walk down the driveway to the carriage house in back and come in the door on the right. I am on the ground level of the carriage house.

DURING THE WINTER the driveway is slippery! Instead, go into the house, walk towards the back, turn right, go down one flight of stairs, turn right again, walk straight until you get to a set of 2 doors with windows, go out these 2 doors and you will see the carriage house. From there go in the door with the sign that says “Ritual Self Care”.

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