I take a whole person approach to all the work I do. My intake forms are detailed so that I am able to create a customized and thoughtful session for you. I appreciate you taking the time to fill the form out. It is very helpful for me to have plenty of information about how things are going for you so that I can provide you with the best possible and informed care.

If you are unable to fill the form out before your appointment I do have blank forms for you at RSC. The time needed to fill the form out will be taken from your service time as I don’t build extra time for this between appointments.

If you have been under the care of a doctor for a health concern in the last 6 months please have your health care provider fill out the physician release form. If you are pregnant and having an easy going pregnancy I do not need the physician release form. Please read over the Client Bill of Rights form.

New Client Intake Form

Client Bill of Rights

Physician’s Release