May brings big news! Estrella is now called Ritual Self Care and is located in a rare and atmospheric carriage house near Loring Park in Minneapolis. It is a cozy, quiet, gem of a space and I look forward to sharing it with you.

I feel my new name more clearly communicates the core of what my practice is about, and hope my commitment to facilitating inner radiance is more apparent than ever.

Beginning early May, services will be offered in the new space and I will celebrate with an open house once the transition is complete.

Appointment hours will remain Tuesday through Saturday and we will host monthly pop ups featuring our selection of plant based, slow beauty products.

You may also arrange for prepaid product pick ups or shop privately by emailing us directly. We will be offering home delivery for those in a slow beauty pinch or purchasing from out of town.

Since opening Estrella in 2002, I have refined my skills and clarified my goals and feel this move will open me to experiencing more of what I love: helping people care for themselves with loving kindness, respect, thoughtfulness, and present moment awareness to illuminate the beauty each person holds within themselves.

I’m so excited about this metamorphosis taking place, and can’t wait to share the accompanying changes with you as the shift settles in.

Thank you for supporting my business, your support has allowed me to do what I love and I am so very grateful for that. I look forward to seeing you soon.


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