We had the opportunity to interview Annee, the woman behind de Mamiel. These products are beyond organic, made with ethically sourced and nutritious ingredients and mindfully formulated. They remind us to slow down and enjoy caring for ourselves. Here’s what Annee has to say about beauty from the inside out.

Q: De Mamiel is rooted in ritual and self care. Could you tell us why you think this aspect of the products is so important?
A: Life is so busy, we are constantly looking after families, partners and everything else and we seem to run out of time to really replenish ourselves. Without a strong foundation we collapse so this is Our time. By making this time when we clean our faces a special time of the day it, allows us to integrate some self-care and mindfulness into a ritual we are already taking part in. Time to pause, reflect and get rid of the day’s stressors. By inhaling the oils and encouraging breathing deeply we oxygenate our cells, distress our minds and release the stress we are holding in our body. It give’s us time to nurture and nourish. The facial massage not only feeds our skin but also gives us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and check in with how we are. I formulate each product to have an effect cellularly, physically and emotionally.

Q: How do you practice self-care in your busy life?
A: I try and rotate a practice of yoga and qi gong and meditate daily. I start my day with warm water and lemon. I then take time to breath, meditate and center my mind. This of course is not possible everyday so mindfulness, journaling and breathing are a big part of self-care. Even if this is snatching a few minutes on the train or tube, just closing my eyes and centering my breath. Every little bit counts! My skin routine especially in the evening is the center of healing, nourishing and replenishing myself … the perfect time to pause and reset.

Q:Are any of your products especially geared to oncology patients?
A: No, we do not have any products geared towards oncology patients. I would always ask a patient if they have an illness. If we have special requests I will take some time with the person to get a real understanding of what they need and perhaps create a bespoke blend. We would usually recommend an Altitude oil for the trips to the hospital; it’s calming and refreshing and is fabulous for places where there are lots of bugs.

Q: What does beauty from within mean to you?
A: Beauty from within is quite simply, what we consume and feed ourselves and what state we are in emotionally. These are all apparent in our skin. In Chinese medicine we say your face is a roadmap of energy – every line, wrinkle and colour change tells me a story of imbalance. The skin is the largest organ in the body but the last to receive nutrients so if we are stressed or not eating well enough our skin is the first place we notice change.

Q: How do you source ingredients and what does conscious sourcing mean to you?
A: Conscious sourcing for us is about making sure our ingredients are cultivated, grown, harvested and sold in a way that isn’t destructive to the environment or to the people involved at any stage of the production of the ingredient.
We go to lengths to ensure what we receive is pure and not adulterated and the highest standard of quality is maintained – we call this going beyond organic … so it’s not just having a tick on a box and adhering to one set of regulations, but ensuring all aspects from farm to us are considered. I want to be able to use the ingredient in a formula and know that it will be pure potent and precise in all I want it to achieve. That this sourcing will create a product that is efficacious and works emotionally, physically and cellularly.
Each ingredient is sourced particularly for each product to ensure the highest level of efficacy is achieved.
We are on a committee called RESP –which is Responsible Eco Sourcing Platform. It is a committee that has come from a UN initiative and is working towards getting an authentic and fair line of sourcing.

Q: Tell us about your philosophy on connections and building relationships in your business.
A: Building relationships in the business is very important as we are working together to create a better place, product and make a difference! Making sure our goals and philosophies are the same and I believe being approachable is very important. Connecting people and sharing knowledge, being mindful and having gratitude for all that comes your way are essentials in de Mamiel. It is important that authenticity, fairness and sustainability are at the forefront of the people who we do business with. If you work with people who have the same philosophies and ethos as we do as a brand, it ensures that there is ease and that’s not to say it is easy, but if we are all working to achieve the same thing it makes life fluent, fuller and happy. Laughter is always important!!!

Q: What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate life?
A: Family, friends and laughter! Precious moments with people are so important. Giving gratitude to the abundance that we have. I love my work because I get to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

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