In celebration of men, we’d like to debunk the common misconception that spa services are solely for women. Introducing ––- the Estrella Gentlemen’s Facial. Men and women have different skin care needs. In this treatment, we address the specific skincare needs of men.

Here are some basic differences:

  • Men have thicker skin than women – men have more testosterone which gives them a thicker dermis and epidermis.
  • Men have more oil in their skin – more sebaceous glands means more oil is produced.
  • Men have thicker and coarser hair – with thick hair on their faces, male skin requires regular shaving which increases irritation and the risk of ingrown hairs. If regular shaving isn’t happening there is a greater need for exfoliation under the hair growth to keep the skin properly moisturized and hydrated.
  • Men have larger pores – because men produce more oil and thicker hair they also have bigger pores, which increases clogged pores and acne-prone skin.

The Estrella Gentlemen’s Facial also supports the skin when faced with sun damage and environmental pollution.

Gentlemen’s Facial details: This 50-minute treatment starts with warm sage bath compresses and deep cleansing with facial massage. After cleansing we exfoliate in a two-step process, with both manual exfoliation and a deeper enzyme exfoliator. During the exfoliating process, we take time for an arm and hand massage and more compressing. Next we move to a deeply moisturizing and replenishing mask and, while the mask is doing its thing, we massage the shoulders and neck. We seal the facial in with more compresses, hydrating elixir, eye care,and facial serum.

Estrella’s Favorite Eco Skincare Picks for Men:

  • Sunscreen – from Coola, mineral based, fragrance free, and very effective!
  • Shaving Creams and Shaving Soaps – we stock a few shaving essentials. The two that we’re most excited about are Love & Leche shaving soap made with with goat milk, beeswax, calendula and a woodsy essential oil blend. Another is a luxury shave cream by Your Best Face, a local company specializing in handcrafted, high quality skin care. Their ultra glide, non-lathering shave cream doubles as a post-shave balm, to soothe and protect sensitive skin after shaving. We carry four out of this world blends loaded with essential oils and good for your skin ingredients.
  • Moisturizers – everyone needs protection and support on their skin everyday, even men! Our favorites are Laurel Whole Plant Organics Serum – one focusing on sun damage repair or one focusing on balancing oil production and metabolism in the skin. Our other favorite is Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream. We also carry a lotion bar from Love & LecheMountain Goat Lotion Bar is made with beeswax and calendula. The bar comes in a tin so it’s perfect for pockets, backpacks and travel. It’s soothing and perfect for body, face and hands.
  • Fragrances – two of our newest additions to the apothecary are Strange Invisible Perfumes of the Zodiac and LURK perfume oils. Both are 100% botanical fragrances – some fragrances are more feminine, some more masculine – all are exquisite. Monk Oil by Incausa is a versatile oil made with organic avocado oil, vetiver and palo santo. The range of its uses is unbeatable – try it as a body oil, hair oil, beard oil or personal fragrance.
  • Giftsbath and meditate bundles by Incausa make an amazing gift for that contemplative one in your life. The bundles include artisan made incense sticks, palo santo sticks and vegan soap.

Book your Estrella Gentlemen’s Facial now – online, on the phone (612.871.9122) or via  email. We hope to see you soon for shopping or a service. All products can be ordered by phone or email and mailed within the US. Treat yourself – or someone you love!

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