So what is sugaring? And how is it different from waxing?
Sugar is made from sugar, water, and lemon juice. It’s a hair removal paste that is molded into the hair and skin and then flicked off, removing hair in the direction of growth rather than in the opposite direction. At Estrella sugaring is our preferred method of hair removal.

Sugar is usually kept at room temperature or cooler and wax is heated. Wax is applied with a stick that lays the hair down and then removed with a strip going in the opposite direction. This can cause irritation and breakage, rather than grasping the hair at the follicle level. Sugar is molded into the hair follicle several times and then flicked off in the direction of growth, which results in less pain, irritation, breakage, and waste.

Did you know that in Brazil, where the infamous Brazilian originated, sugar is the only thing they use? It’s becoming more and more popular in the Midwest as people discover that it’s a gentler, non-toxic option that works on even the most sensitive skin. At Estrella we use only real, organic sugar.

What is the difference between a bikini and a brazilian?
Bikini = hair removed outside underwear line.
French= inside underwear line (just a bit more than bikini, a bit less than a Brazilian) no hair is taken off the middle (labia) or back.
Brazilian/full LA = everything off, tail too. Optional to leave small strip at top.
Please note we don’t offer Brazilian sugaring at Estrella.

What is the optimal hair length for sugaring? 
About ¼ of an inch or 4-6 weeks of growth.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for sugaring?
It’s best to drink water, as being hydrated allows for the hair to be removed with ease. Gentle exfoliation can also assist in better results. Last of all, be aware of any contraindications with any medications you might be taking.

Are there better times during my cycle to have sugaring done? 
Women may experience extra sensitivity to sugaring up to a week prior to the beginning of their menses. The best time is a few weeks prior or after your cycle.

Contraindications and when to avoid sugaring:

  • Sugaring deeply exfoliates the skin in the area of the service. Therefore, it is important to know these contraindicate ions before getting a service.
  • Sunburned, irritated or areas with open skin cannot be sugared.
  • Moles cannot be sugared. We can, however, sugar around the mole.
  • You must wait a minimum of seven (7) days before waxing or sugaring after a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion.
  • Sugaring cannot be performed if you have been in a tanning booth the same day.
  • Sugaring cannot be performed if you have had laser skin resurfacing within the past year.
  • Sugaring cannot be performed if you have had a physician administered peel within the past two (2) years.

Avoid sugaring when taking these medications:

      • Accutane
      • Adapalene
      • Alustra
      • Avage
      • Avita
      • Differin
      • Isotretinoin
      • Renova
      • Retin A
      • Tazarac
      • Tazarotene
      • Tretinoin

24-48 hour after-care instructions:
24 hours after your service stay clean, cool and friction free. Keep the freshly sugared area clean and free of bacteria from hands, etc. Refrain from strenuous activity that might get sweat and bacteria on the freshly sugared area. This includes working out and/or sexual activity. 48 hours after your service you may begin daily exfoliation on the sugared area but no suntanning your freshly sugared area.

Ongoing skin care instructions after sugaring:
Exfoliate regularly using a dry brush and moisturize with a fragrance-free moisturizer. Daily exfoliating and moisturizing is optimal and will help the skin remain supple, healthy and ready for your next sugaring service. We stock all of the essentials for aftercare at Estrella.


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