We’re so happy about the arrival of spring! Bees are out buzzing around, flowers are blooming and the green grass is back. That’s something to celebrate. At Estrella we found another great way to celebrate the season and honor the earth – with flowers!

We recently learned about a local business that we’re really excited about. It’s called Foxglove Market and Studio and it’s a local florist who sources all her flowers from close by farms that practice sustainable growing practices. Wow! It’s the Estrella version of a flower shop. Foxglove and Estrella share many guiding principles and we’re so happy we found another great business to collaborate with.

One of Foxglove’s wonderful offerings is their flower CSA. Sign up for a weekly or biweekly delivery and have a bouquet delivered to a convenient pick-up location. You can even pick up your bouquet at Estrella on Friday afternoons. Come in for some spa goodness and leave with chemical-free, locally grown flowers. Sounds like a perfect Friday afternoon. Check out the Foxglove website for CSA information.

Happy Spring!

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