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What if the beauty you long for was not only skin deep ~ but came from a well of radiance deep within?

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Ritual Self Care is an urban refuge specializing in Slow Beauty Facials, Manual Lymph Drainage, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy + oncology safe services.



The time in this pause will be filled – and it feels important to be intentional in the filling. I do quite a bit of self care in my regular life but I have been taking more time and intention with these practices now – I feel like I am savoring these practices, so grateful…

Most of us haven’t lived through a collective state of trauma like this and I have found it difficult to navigate at times. We are all living in various levels of shock right now and for most of us, our foundation isn’t as sturdy as it was a couple of months ago. I thought that…

Marvels of Marshmallow  & Highlights of Hyaluronic Acid (& Ode to Laurel) Although Marshmallow started as my topic for this blog post I quickly realized it became bigger than one plant. I thank Marshmallow for this – it has so much flexibility I was allowed to wander a bit with my thoughts and writing. To…

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